Periodic Table of Photography Lists the Elements of Making Photos

PhotoWeeklyOnline came up with this awesomely geeky periodic table of photography elements. You can also view a larger JPG version, or download a high-res PDF to print the thing out for your wall.

  • Arclight Images

    Seems a little too film-based, I would have liked less Developer and Stop Bath and more modifiers. i.e. Beauty Dish, Ring Light, Striplight, Snoot, Grid, etc
    And you can’t forget Lr and Ps :)

  • Joey

    I guess this table was created when it was common knowledge that the earth was flat since it’s lacking apertures of ƒ/1.2, ƒ/1.0 & ƒ/.95 as well as shutter speeds faster than 1/1000

  • Arclight Images

    Sorry Joe, didn’t know we weren’t allowed to comment…and f/.95 is a great comparison against the utterly ubiquitous ringlight.

  • Benjamin Wong

    What is “5 Ap” aperture on there twice?

  • Benjamin Wong

    Sorry, “Why is…”

  • JonathanEger

    Because Aperture is used in calculating both Exposure (the yellow boxes) and Depth of Field (the light blue boxes)