Four Slot Toaster-Style SD Card Reader

Have numerous SD cards you need to access at once? The Elecom MR-C27 SD card reader is a four-slot card reader that allows you to do just that. It allows you to access up to 64GB of data, and looks like a cute little toaster connected to your computer via USB. It’ll be available for ¥3,980 (~$48) starting mid-December in Japan.

Elecom MR-C27 SD Card Reader (via Wired)

  • lloyd

    anybody know any good card readers? i’m sick of linking my canon up

  • Matthew

    I bought a Vivitar 50-In-1 card reader at my local K-Mart for around $13 last year and I love it. It has five dedicated slots (Compact Flash, SD/SDHC, XD, Memory Stick/Pro Duo, and Micro SD). I use it with Windows XP SP3 Home and have never had a problem with it. It’s a USB2 device and it only shows up as one drive letter in Windows when inserted. The only downside that I’ve found is that you can only have one card inserted at a time or else the device will not respond when inserted into a PC. For me this isn’t an issue, but if you want to copy card-to-card then this isn’t the reader for you. I tested the transfer speeds when I bought it and it transferred data from a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo about 20% faster than from the same card that was inserted into a Sony PSP (via usb cable). I’ll do an unscientfic test this evening with some photos and a Canon XSi and see if there is a difference. Check back later.

    There are a few varieties of Vivitar 50-in-1 readers out there. The one I’m referring to is this one: Note that the link to the Amazon product goes to a different Vivitar reader.


  • Matthew

    Vivitar 50-In-1 Speed Test using a Sandisk Extreme III Class 6 SDHC card. Windows XP Home SP3. Each test was ran twice.

    Test 1 – 65 JPG’s, 192MB
    Transferred via XSi/USB Cable (Win Explorer drag-n-drop): 39s, 38s
    Transferred via Vivitar Card Reader (Win Explorer drag-n-drop): 11s, 11s

    Test 2 – 60 JPG’s & 60 RAW Files, 1GB Total
    Transferred via XSi/USB Cable (Canon EOS Transfer Utility): 3m 43s, 3m 35s
    Transferred via Vivitar Card Reader (Win Explorer drag-n-drop): 55s, 56s

    The Vivitar card reader was approximately 3.4x faster in test 1 and 3.9x in test 2. I highly recommend you get some sort of card reader.


  • Photosophy

    Cool!! I love the top down design.

    (My Bytecc reader exudes all the opulent quality of an 30 piece tool set from a dollar store.)