DIY High Speed Photography for $20

Turns out those crazy high speed photography shots you see of bullets shattering things aren’t as difficult to achieve as you might have thought. All you need is about $20 and some brains (aka circuit skills). YouTube user destinws2 shows how its done in this 5 minute tutorial.

Here’s a Flickr set with some example photographs taken with his setup.

  • Mike

    This guy just made my brain hurt; but in a good way.

  • JB

    So, if you trigger the flash, that will also trigger the camera to shoot? I have not bought an external flash, so I am not sure what the relationship is between the two.

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  • Joe

    @JB – No, if you are using this, you will be most likely shooting in a dimly lit or dark area. You open the shutter, then when the flash trips it will freeze the action. You want to do it this way because when set to a low power, the flash will be much faster than the shutter on your camera.