C-Loop Strap Mount Upgrades Your Boring Camera Strap

You might be seeing your photography enthusiast friends upgrading their camera straps left and right, opting for fancier ones that are attached to the bottom of a camera via the tripod mount, but what if you’re super attached to your traditional strap? Say hello to the C-Loop, a simple little attachment being developed by Custom SLR and funded through Kickstarter. It’s an elegant solution for transforming your beloved (albeit ordinary) strap into a fancier R-Strap-style one.

Here’s a video explaining what the C-Loop is and how it works:

If you’d like to get your hands on one, you can preorder it by pledging $35 to the project on Kickstarter.

  • Tleeds

    And this betters the R-Strap how?

  • Andrew

    These straps are a great, for mobile on location photography, but what bugs me is the fact that I can’t use it with the tripod.

    What would be nice is if this idea was brought into a quick release design to be used with Monopods and Tripods. making it much more versatile and more solid replacement for your stock strap.

  • Mike

    Yep. I love my R-Strap for those exact reasons.

    Way to ripoff an idea. They didn’t even bother changing the name much.


  • Milton Gan

    As with the R-Strap you can’t use this if you use a vertical grip :(

  • lyn

    How so? I use a 50D with a grip and an R-Strap no issue at all. Some other kind of vertical grip your using?

  • DM|ZE

    I can, I use an Olympus e-620 with a vertical grip

  • Tleeds

    I have trouble using the vertical grip on my camera with anything attached. (Tripod plate, R-strap nut, etc..) Mine’s the Sony a850 with the Sony grip. The Sony grip is a lot bigger (and much more comfortable) than the Canon / Nikon ones but is hard to use with stuff attached to it.

    I get by it by hooking my R-Strap to the extra strap-loop provided on the side of the vertical grip. As best I can figure, it’s an almost optimal placement.

  • Bng

    I use a spiderplate to mount manfrotto quickrealease plate + Blackrapid strap

  • DM|ZE

    Thanks for that, I will look into it as I think it will make my R-strap even better. I considered making a plate similar to this but I was worried about it not being strong enough.

  • Mario Groleau

    Not so new, if found a similar device in my camera collection.

    See my blog article:

  • Simon Gardner

    And your tripod quick-release plate goes where, exactly? The one you keep attached to the bottom of your cameras?

    Yeah. C-Loop, R-Strap – I don’t think so.

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