Interview with Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

Here’s a pretty interesting 45-minute interview with Pete Souza, which was done via a live web chat at the end of October. Souza is responsible for the behind-the-scenes photographs posted regularly to the official White House Flickr stream. He talks about everything from how photos are selected to crawling around on the floor of the Oval Office to get the perfect shot.

(via Blurberati Blog)

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting. Last year Flickr deleted Shepherd Johnson’s account permanently destroying thousands of his photographs without warning when he posted publicly available detainee abuse photos in comments on the White House photostream after the President backflipped regarding publicly releasing new detainee abuse photos. Candidate Obama had said he’d release these photos but President Obama decided not to.

    I wrote to the White House photostream asking about this case several times and they never responded. I went further and actually filed a Freedom of Information Act request requesting the email correspondance between flickr and the White House around Shepherd’s account deletion that they simply ignored.

    So much for the transparency in Govt promised by the Obama administration.

  • Jan

    Cool, my question got in, at 30:30 :) (although Pete’s answer was pretty politically correct)

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