Locking Lens Cap Protects Gear and Makes Thieves Look Ridiculous

The Lens Lock is the latest product in the GearGuard gear locking system by Gary Fong (maker of the well known LightSphere). It attaches to the back of a lens like an ordinary rear lens cap, but can be secured and locked using a cable/lock combo. This allows you to lock the gear down when not in use (like you would do with a bike) or lock it together with other gear in your bag, preventing individual items from being stolen from your bag.

Here’s Gary Fong demonstrating how the Lens Lock is used:

It’s available for Canon and Nikon/Fuji lenses for $30, with a security cable and combo lock sold separately for $10.

What do you do to keep your gear safe? Share your tactics with us in the comments!

(via The Phoblographer)

  • Anonymous

    bit late for an april fools joke…

  • huh?

    ummm a real cable cutter (not a walmart tiny cutter) in about 0.5 seconds make this useless

  • fredodf

    i carry a real cable cutter in case I need to steal a lens every day

  • Kris Jon Boorman

    Poor guy. The whole thing seems like a nice idea but doesn’t really work.

  • shadows44

    On the other hand, you can also buy a Lowepro Flipside Bag (I have the “400 All Weather” one and love it).
    The opening is facing your back, and as long as you have the bag on you, there is just no way anyone can open it. Perfect in crowded areas.

  • BAAD

    Whoops, there goes your cable.

  • Colin Peddle

    “or lock it together with other gear in your bag, preventing individual items from being stolen from your bag.”

    Making it easier for the thieves to just steal your bag.

  • Anonymous


  • Photosophy

    “What do you do to keep your gear safe?”

    When it’s with me, I don’t let it out of my sight.
    If I leave it in the car, it’s locked in the trunk.

    This device is beyond inconvenient for any sort of professional use, and offers no real protection. (thieves carry mini bolt cutters for such cables. Even without cutters, stringing your gear together doesn’t impede a thief, it just helps them to take everything in one grab.)

    If you were willing to suffer the hassle of lacing all your gear together, you’d be inclined to take the less troublesome and more effective measure of using a locker or simply carrying the gear with you.

    Fong’s products are always a ripoff. Insanely overpriced pieces of injection molded plastic, and now just plain idiotic devices.

    Nothing beats a good, comfortable camera bag that you always keep with you, or take common sense measures to store securely.

  • angry_azn


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  • bob cooley

    My gear, when not in my bag, is in my house. If someone is stealing gear from there, I have much bigger issues..