Steve Jobs the Wedding Photographer

It’s Friday, so let’s kick back – here’s a dose of completely-useless-but-kinda-interesting trivia: Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs has done wedding photography. Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison is good friends with Jobs, and when Ellison married novelist Melanie Craft in 2003, Jobs was the official wedding photographer. The other photographer was Ellison’s son David.

It’d be interesting to see the resulting photographs.

Image credit: Steve Jobs Keynote by acaben and Larry Elllison on stage by Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2009

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  • Justin Javellana

    Aye. Would love to see photos and what gear Steve uses.

  • Justin Javellana

    Aye. Would love to see photos and what gear Steve uses.

  • Thina Doukas Photography

    Yes photography is a creative art and can be addictive! Like to see how the images turned out and if they are Nikon fans.

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