Extreme SD Memory Card Testing

Remember Sid, the “disturbed, hyperactive, sadistic 10-year-old boy” in Toy Story that abuses his toys? This viral ad for Samsung SD cards shows what it would be like if Sid grew up and became interested in photography.

Something tells me memory card makers don’t usually test their products quite like this.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Lolovroom

    wonder what is the kind of “train” they are usingif it’s for real.

  • Guest

    What I’m interested in is the camera he used to shoot the video. It went through all that as well without a scratch!

  • Parrancho

    The caera used is a GoPro.

  • Parrancho

    The camera used is a GoPro

  • DanielBoe

    I soooo hope that Samsung has a little quirky guy with a teddybear tie who tests SD cards in a roller coaster of destruction! :O