Black and White HDR Time Lapse Shot with a Sony A700

Andrew Rees shot this beautiful black and white time lapse in Cardiff, Wales using a Sony A700 DSLR. He shot 700 pairs of photos (a total of 1400 shots) with 2.5 seconds in between pairs, and combined the resulting HDR photographs into a 12fps time lapse video.

We love how the HDR makes the scene look like a moving painting.

(via Photography Bay)

  • s0l1dsnak3123

    Simply stunning. I love it.

  • SeanShin

    that was awesome!

  • SeanShin

    that was awesome!

  • Calkite7

    This would be great to have in a large Digital picture frame.

  • Hrydry

    super gut, tolle Aufnahme wie gemahlt ;-))

    super good, great reception as painted

  • Ian Weatherburn

    Very very neat. Such a pity attention to detail wasn’t there as there is an ugly sensor dust spot in the top right hand corner. Slightly spoils an otherwise excellent video with great photography.

  • Andyathlon

    Thanks everyone for the support. Notice this site in my flickr stats.
    Ian Weatherburn – I was quite annoyed at the sensor spot as well, I’ve tried cleaning it many times I have a feeling it is inside my lens.

  • Tim Taylor

    Just say it’s Venus or Planet X :-)

  • Ian Weatherburn

    Sorry man. :( I feel your pain. Cool video though. Looking forward to more.

  • Rafael Asquith