Fujifilm Unveils the FinePix X100: A Beautiful Rangefinder-Style Compact

Wow… Fujifilm just unveiled a new EVIL compact camera it’s going to be showing off at Photokina, and it look amazing. The camera is styled like a film rangefinder camera, with a leathery covering surrounding the body and a magnesium alloy top and base plate. Inside the camera is a 12.3 megapixel APS-C sensor that has an ISO range of 200 to 6400 and captures 720p video or stills at 5fps. There’s a 2.8 inch LCD on the back, and a new and innovative hybrid viewfinder that can toggle between electronic and optical modes. The lens is a fixed prime 23mm f/2 Fujinon.

Here’s a view of the back:

Check out the sleek metal dials on top:

The camera ships in early 2011. No word yet on price.

Fujifilm is a company that dropped the ball by letting other companies become the front runners in the camera industry when things went digital, but it looks like they’re doing a good job of getting back on track with this new camera. I bet this is the kind of camera a bazillion film-aficionados have been dreaming about for years.

What are your thoughts?

Update: Looks like this isn’t an EVIL camera with an interchangeable lens system. The lens is fixed to the body. Thanks Miles, for the correction!

  • Jan F. Leversund

    …except it’s not an EVIL camera, it’s a fixed prime lens compact.

  • Campbell Simpson

    By my reading, it’s actually a non-interchangeable lens.

  • Mike

    That is super cool. I already want one.

  • alex

    consider me one of the bazillion

  • Hugo Viens

    Goodness, that camera looks amazing! It will be hard to decide between this and the Panasonic LX5.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks. We’ve since corrected the post =)

  • Almond

    Depending on price, this could be my next compact.

  • Aaronth

    I would totally be in the bazillion – though I wasn’t a film geek back in the day – however – the fixed lens kind of kills it for me.

  • Campbell Simpson

    I’d imagine Fuji will also release some wide- and tele- lens adapters, which will hopefully increase the usefulness significantly. 35mm (equiv) is good for street and walkaround shooting, but 20mm (equiv) and 60mm (equiv) would make it a reasonably versatile yet pocketable combination.

    I’m obviously just guessing on those adapter lengths, but they seem feasible to me. 24mm and 50mm, maybe? Then you’d have a classic triplet of 24/35/50.

  • Ben Jacobsen

    if it did have lens options I’d be sold for sure. W/o the options it’s still very tempting. This is bigger than a GF1 though (maybe thinner) but damn do I love the analog aspect…

  • Michelle Morgan

    WANT. Totally the thing to grab when you want to bring a range finder, but won’t have time to mess with it.

  • Jeff Revell

    Did anyone else notice the lack of any auto modes? No program, Aperture Priority, or Shutter Priority hanging out on the top dial. I wonder if it is strictly a manual offering. Now that’s RETRO!

  • Tyler Webb

    Looks like a small red A on the shutter dial. That plus the EV dial on the right on the top would suggest some sort of Aperture or Shutter priority modes no?

  • Ranger9

    I’m probably the only one here sufficiently old-skool to have used one of the Fujica 35-M series cameras of the late 1950s/early 1960s. These were fixed-lens rangefinder cameras with nice overall finish, a convenient thumbwheel focusing system, and very good lenses (mine had a 45mm f/1.9, IIRC.) Nice to see history repeating.

    Incidentally, for Jeff Revell, there’s an “A” position on the shutter speed dial. Will be interesting to see whether it’s aperture-priority auto only, or if you can pre-select your desired auto mode through the menus (as on the Olympus C4000 series cameras.)

    Anyway, it’s the first camera of Photokina season that actually appeals to me, although I’d be more likely to buy one if the lens were a 50-equivalent than a 35-equivalent.

  • Tyler Webb

    Was wondering what that thumbwheel was for! Neat little design feature.

    *Definitely not old-school enough to have shot with 35-M series cameras* ;)

  • Gabriel Serna


  • Dscheat

    I am in…I have been wanting Nikon to make this for several years. These classic stying cameras will sell like hot cakes. I hope it is 800 or less. I would prefer the option of a few lenses,,but I prefer the 35 mm lens to 50! I bet the sensor is awesome. The five frames per is great. I hope it can do bracketing?

  • Heber Coll

    *drool* Do want. Here’s to hoping it’s less than $600. Pleaaaaaaaase

  • franz bohr

    wow. love the look and features!

  • awgnasuha

    it would be more awesome if it comes with interchangeable lens system though. :)

  • slp
  • Carlos García

    Nice camera, I really love the design!! Would defintely consider as a compact camera.

  • Carlos García

    If you take a closer look not only the shutter speed dial has the “A” position but the lens as well, so there you have the necessary combinations to have your M,Tv and Av modes.

  • kst

    I want it!

  • Max Sang

    Price is everything. If it’s up in the $900-$1200 range it’ll remain a niche product for people who can afford a Leica X1 but aren’t impressed by its cachet. If Fujifilm holds its nerve and pegs it at $800 or even less it’ll sell like hot cakes, I am sure. If it cost $700 I’d buy one on pre-order tomorrow. We shall see…

  • Brad

    Clearly aiming at a specific niche. For folks commenting on point and shoots-this couldn’t be further from it. Look at the controls. This is a camera for a methodical, thoughtful approach. It’s aimed at folks looking for a digital rangefinder experience. Though I don’t know Fuji’s history of rangefinders, as I’m sure the past is influential here, I’d say the more recent inspiration is the Leica X1. The X1, in reviews, didn’t have stand-out performance. If Fuji can bring a competitive price (against the X1’s $2k) and even decent image quality, I’d say this could be a winner.

  • Matt Birdsall

    On both the aperture ring and Shutter speed dial on the top panel are red A’s.
    Select A on both = Auto
    Select A on Aperture ring and a shutter speed = Shutter priority
    Select A on shutter speed dial and any aperture = Aperture priority.

    It’s the same system used on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1 (which was also re-badged by Leica as the Digilux 2)

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    Want one!

  • Stateowned

    why dont they put a 50mm on it.. this sucks really.. 50mm would be awesome..

    looks stunning tough.. too bad they didnt combine a 2-3x zoom lens with f2-f2.8

  • Eddie

    I love it , however I think the price will be too high if the 120000-150000 yen is accurate (that translates as 1400-1800 USD approx
    I still shoot with my rangefinder and frequently use a 35 f2.8 no auto anything (including no meter – shoot sunny f16 on b/w film only so I can self process) It would have been nice had it been an evil though. the optical viewfinder could have been for the standard lens and the electronic hybrid could replace the add on viewfinders needed on my old rangefinder. Realistically the lens is fast enough most rangefinder lenses are not any faster and it hasn’t hampered users in the past. I would rather have seen 100 iso than the 6400 at the top, Rangefinders are street photography tools not sports and concert tools, high speed for Cartier Bresson was only ISO 100 at the beginning, it forces you to think about what you are doing. (old enough plus some to have shot with a 35-m)

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  • jethro brewin

    wonder how this compare to a panasonic LX3, or LX5. Currently have an LX3, so will wait for reviews to see how it compares before upgrading.

  • Fastactingrelief

    no it won’t.

  • brian

    it looks great!! shame about being a fixed lens though

  • slantyyz

    Clearly, this camera is not for feature checklist aficionados or pixel peepers who do their analysis based on ‘paper specifications’.

  • slantyyz

    Well, the sensor is gigantic compared to the LX3/LX5. This is not in the same class. The Canon S9x/G1x series is more apt a competitor to the excellent LX series.

    This is more along the lines of a Sigma DP series or Leica X1.

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  • Simon

    wonder where this will come in, price wise. would love one of these, but I’m guessing it’ll be more than I can afford…

  • Holgerfangel

    The really neat thing about this one is the optical / hybrid viewfinder. God allmighty I have missed that one! Got the GF1, had the LX3, both great but sucks in bright light. Still cant get used to holding a camera on arms length peeking into the back of the camera either, makes me feel like a dork. The sensor is another ballpark entirely, with just a 1,5 crop the F.2 will show some great boketh and low DOF. And Fujifilm has a great rep for noise control, even on puny sensors like the ones on the great F30 it was nice, bet this one is awesome. The fixed 35 mm doesn´t bug me at all; some of the greatest street guys around used exactely that focal length. Been waiting for the new GH2, but now? Dunno…

  • greenecam

    I wonder how quiet the shutter is. This looks like an incredible street camera for those who can’t afford Leica. I’m unbelievably excited about this.

  • Salz

    This is for sure a pretty nice camera and I bet it’ll be the star at the Photokina. But w/ the Nikon mount (like the Sx Pros) it would be awesome.
    Anyway, I’m curious if this babe will be 100 times better than the Leica X1. I’m also curious about the price. The X1 still costs 1550 Euros here in Germany. The Sigma DP1/s started around 800, now you can grab one for less than 300. So in principle I’m one of the bazillions.


    Should be perfect street photography tool [even without interchangeable lens] Can’t wait to get one. Let’s face it, no point waiting for a “perfect one” it won’t happen [same as with women] :)

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  • Barrie

    I am very interested in the X100, I love the styling, nobody will think its a digital camera, I have a black M9 but I think this looks good as it is, I will wait to see if Fuji come up with the goods, if they do I think it will fly off the shelves, I may have to wait!


  • Andrew

    Too bad they didn’t stick a fovean sensor in it, get the filmy looking camera with the filmy picture vibes.

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  • PPL
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