What 10 FPS Looks and Sounds Like on the Sony A55

Two advantages of the translucent mirror found in the Sony A33 and A55 are high fps continuous shooting (since the mirror doesn’t slow things down) and the lack of viewfinder blackouts when shots are being captured.

If you’re not sure what this means, the above video demonstrates what it feels like to shoot at 10fps using an A55. It kinda looks and sounds like you’re playing some sort of computer game.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • greenecam

    This is just plain strange to watch.

  • Chrisz170

    Gives me a flash back to my old Canon 1-N RS, witch also had a pellicle mirror that shot at 10 FPS with no viewfinder blackouts.

  • Michael Zhang

    That must have burned through film

  • Christian Ide

    It is interesting that there is no visible black out because the camera doesn’t have an optical view finder and uses the image sensor for live view. Just the AF-sensors get the “mirrored” light. The shutter has to close, open, close and open again to take a picture. And during that time the camera has to freeze or interpolate the image on screen to avoid a black out.

  • Christopher Marino
  • E.G.

    Cool. I have to get one of those. Wow.

    (C. Marino… don’t be a jealous Canonophile… :)

  • guest

    Yeah, because it’s very wise to compare a $850 camera to a $6000 one…