Is the Barbie Video Girl As Good As the Canon 7D?

In the spirit of the iPhone 4 vs. Canon 7D side-by-side camera comparison video, filmmaker Brandon Bloch has made a wonderfully clever juxtaposition of the Canon 7D and Mattel’s Barbie Video Girl. The Barbie Video Girl alone is a thing of wonder — it’s a really bizarre bionic-looking glitz and glam doll with a camera built into her chest.

The two cameras go toe-to-toe, pitting class against sass — but is Barbie Video Girl as good as the 7D?

Thanks Brandon!

  • Joey

    The Barbie Video Girl wins hands down on the price/performance category because one doesn't have to shell out so much more cash afterwards to buy vintage actions to make their modern camera look old.

  • Fernando A. Ramírez Martínez


  • Fernando A. Ramírez Martínez


  • smkfoto

    Hot shoes :)

  • Robert

    (With apologies to ZZ Top) She’s Got Batteries and she knows how to use them.

    I agree with the value comment. The color is a little blue but that is correctable in post production. It worries me that now you cannot tell somebody is videotaping (video-recording). At least in the old days you might spot the cell phone or small recorder but now it is a doll.

  • steve

    I am surprised that the USB port wasn’t blurred out.

  • Scott

    I really wanted to hear the Barbie Girl song with this vid, but that would have been too obvious…

  • Gert Hollis

    BarbieCam all the way for me! Sass trumps class in this case.

  • J Jaimes

    Woow! … whats the name of the song?