Leica X1 Becomes the First Compact on Getty’s Approved Cameras List

Amateur Photographer is reporting that stock photo agency Getty Images added the Leica X1 to its “Approved Cameras List” last month. A quick Google search turned up this submission requirements document with a now apparently outdated list:

If you are shooting on a 35mm digital camera it must an approved camera from this list: Canon EOS: 1D(Mk1,2&3), 1DS(Mk1,2,2n&3) 5D, 30D and 40D; Nikon: D2X, D2Xs, D3, D200, D300 and the Leica M8. All medium format backs (e.g. backs by Phase One and Leaf etc) produce sufficiently high quality images to be accepted by us.

The 12.2 megapixel X1 has a fixed 24 mm/2 lens, which gives it a field of view equivalent to a 36mm lens on a 35mm camera. It started shipping in January of this year with an MSRP of $1,995.

Any guesses as to what other non-DSLR camera might soon make the list?

Update: The list above is indeed extremely outdated. There is an updated version of the list that includes the X1

  • smkfoto

    Oh come on! What about my D90?

  • Guest

    That list seems to be sorely out of date.

  • kmeister

    Outdated indeed. And maybe it's because I don't own one, but Leica's seem overrated. I know I'm inviting criticism for saying it, but so many of the images I see come out of the M8 could have just as easily come from a Nikon or Canon at half the price. Anyone with me???

  • Joey

    Made with a Canon PowerShot G2 available for license on Getty Images
    Girl on bike

  • Jared

    35mm digital cameras, hm? All this time I've been using a CF card, silly me…

  • Isaiah

    I find it irritating — if this story is correct — that Getty has an “approved camera” list. What a slight to photographers who have been preaching the gospel of “it's not what you do it with, it's how you do it.”

  • David Reid

    The list is ridiculous and obviously hasn't been updated for several years. For example, the Canon 50D and 7D don't appear on the list while the earlier 30D and 40D do. But it is just a pathetic example of photo snobbery from a photo agency that should know better.

  • pk

    Guys, do you even know this site

    If you are bothered about posh Leica being approved, just check out the crazy in-depth review and see for your self how it compares to Canons and Nikons..

  • Pekka H.

    And my D90??

  • Pekka H.

    And my D90??

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  • Liufan0019

    cool camera! I want it!!
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