Self-Portrait in the Tip of a Ballpoint Pen Using a Modified Canon PowerShot

This crazy self-portrait was taken using the tiny reflection in the tip of a ballpoint pen. Russian photographer Alexey Arkhipov modified a Canon PowerShot S1 IS, adding a custom (and cheap) lens setup to achieve this super-macro shot. Head on over to his blog post if you’d like to learn how it was done and how to do this yourself (you might have to use Google Translate).

(via Make)

  • seegullmedia

    Incredible picture. That's one close-up macro shot!

  • incep

    why wouldnt DOF be apparent in the reflection / why is he in focus (sort of)

  • Oliver Foggin

    The tip of the pen would have effectively acted as a lens and shortened the DOF of the reflected image.

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  • Meetoo

    I tried this a few years ago with a canon sx110is point and shoot. It turned out pretty good but not as sharp as this for sure

  • Gunmanxxx

    I dispprove this shot. You can never shoot a ballpoint pen with a very clean tip and everything around within the ball is in focus but the pen itself has very shallow DoF. With that depth of field in the reflection (everything in focus) , you have to have a small aperture which will require a very good lighting gear. I could be wrong. But I am not convinced.