Transforming a Canon 18-55mm into a Super Macro Lens

This is one of the most intense do-it-yourself videos I’ve seen, showing how to hack a Canon 18-55mm kit lens into a super macro lens for extreme closeup shots. It involves sawing, disassembling the lens, using wires from a floppy drive cable, and all sorts of advanced awesomeness. Unless you’re extremely good with your hands, you probably won’t be trying this, but it’s very interesting to watch nonetheless.

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  • Kaouthia

    That is some serious lens porn :)

  • Lubomir Herko

    Jeeeeesus :D awesome! I definately have reason to put down this lens from the very top shelf in my room :D

  • Chris

    That is seriously awesome

  • Minha Lenha

    Aperture is work!
    Your bases are belong to us!

  • Ericnep

    I have just one word to this… Awesome! I will try it…

  • QuBe

    The exact same thing popped into my head. XD

  • QuBe

    Kinda neat.
    But, I wouldn't feel comfortable hooking that up to my 5DmkII…
    “What's that burning smell…hey, the LCD went dark…uh oh…”

    Heck if I could afford a MkII I wouldn't be cobbling lenses out of old kit glass.
    Although I did try making a lens mount out of a cover to use the kit as a macro so I could shoot 35mm slides…it kinda worked, except the focus fall off towards the edges was pretty bad.

  • Oltsa

    any samples of the pictures youve taken with this awesomeness?

  • tressillian

    I appreciate the inventiveness – but why not just use a reversing mount?

  • samp

    i thought this too, but then i realized canon needs to control aperture electronically. with a reversing ring, the lens would be shot wide open all the time. in macro, you usually want to stop down as much as you can, so I can see why you would want aperture control and hence resort to this complex (but awesome) DIY.

  • Martin Soler Photography

    LOL that is amazing. I can't believe someone would go through the trouble. Well it's fun to watch and hat's to whoever made it. Well in the end IS WORK!

  • Mixcm

    Some example photos would have been nice to see.

  • Armando Reis

    Am I the only one that's concerned with dust and plastic fragments inside the lens? What with all that sawing, and drilling. The work area was quite messy

  • Rockanroll


  • Rockanroll


  • Zahir Alauddin Hamid

    interesting. god… thanks 2 u buddy i want to try it too…

  • Gary Bridger

    crazy. just go buy a reversing ring. or tubes man. But wow, how do you know what and how do do this,

  • Guest

    i would have used a lather for the cutting,

  • Gary Bridger

    I would have used a lathe for the cutting