Samsung EVIL Concept with Stackable Hot Shoe Accessories

Two weeks ago we shared a futuristic concept Sony DSLR designed by Tecnofotografia, and now they’ve done it again, with a concept design for a compact Samsung camera.

One of the main selling points of this concept is the fact that the external electronic viewfinder has a hot shoe of its own, allowing an external flash unit to be stacked on top:

What do you think of this idea? Should accessories that use the hot shoe have hot shoes of their own to allow stacking?

Prototipo de compacta con óptica fija desplazable (via Photo Rumors)

  • matthew

    I'm all for products that let that allow a user to customize them to their needs, whether that is accomplished by stacking accessories or not. If those accessories are backwards compatible with existing standards (a standard hot-shoe in this example), then that is progress. What is unacceptable are new proprietary accessories that would only work with a specific manufacturer/model of camera – obvisouly an accessory like the viewfinder shown above would be specific to this line of Samsung cameras. But the flash shown above should be universal enough to work on any camera with a hot-shoe. I just don't want to have to updgrade accessories every time I get a new camera.