“Eye Candy” by Superfad is a Mindblowing Display of Creativity and Imagination

Sony recently hired Superfad to create a video for its global “make.believe” campaign, and got its money’s worth. This jaw-dropping video was created with a Phantom HD cinema camera shooting at 1,000 frames per second, and blends live action and CGI into ethereal scenes that are sure to leave you take your breath away.

An extra treat is a short behind-the-scenes video of how certain scenes were created. We are in awe.

(via Chase Jarvis)

  • Steven J. Ram

    Simply superb. Eye candy yes please nom nom. Thanks for your post. Made my day.

  • Dnachtigal


  • Richard Horsfield

    Stunning creativity…

  • Jrcline

    This may keep me inspired all day!

  • Julie

     Absolutely incredible!
    What song did you use for this?

  • Ray

    Do they sell this video to the public?  I mean they should.  I would love to show off my tv with this vid.