Creative Photos of Kids Enjoying Make-Believe Activities at Home

British advertising photographer Tim MacPherson has a wonderful series of photographs showing children having fun in imaginary worlds created out of ordinary objects. Kids are seen couch surfing, skiing down stairs, and horseback riding on shelves. The project is titled, “Kids at Home and Play.”

The idea has attracted so much attention that a number of companies have commissioned MacPherson to create similar photographs for various advertising campaigns. Some of the scenes are much more elaborate than the photos in MacPherson’s personal collection:

What’s neat about these photographs is that you probably have all the same props lying around in your own home. You just need to arrange them in clever ways and add a dash of your own imagination to bring them to life!

If you’re looking for a dose of creativity today, we encourage you to head on over to MacPherson’s website and browse around in his galleries. He has a lot of other similarly-creative images.

Image credits: Photographs by Tim MacPherson and used with permission