Acadalus Helps You Keep a Level Head

Getting a tripod head level can be a hassle, as Dr. Carl Koch found out on a cold night in Switzerland when photographing a Christmas display. He then spent four years inventing the Acadalus CPS-H1, an advanced self-leveling camera head that automatically levels a camera with the touch of a button. Killing hassles comes at a steep price — the Acadalus costs $5,000 for the studio kit, and an extra half-grand or so if you need the battery pack and charger for outdoor shooting.

Acadalus (via Wired)

  • Mark Grealish

    How reasonable…hah.

  • QuBe

    Four years to develop…
    Must have stung when Nikon and Canon DSLRs stated coming out with artificial horizon levellling…at the touch of a button.

    Maybe it has value for precision in-studio or architectural work, but for general field shooting, it's a bit hard to see how $5K and the extra bulk is worth it for a task that isn't all that difficult to overcome manually or to correct in post.

  • kayhartkamp

    spirit levels on my manfrotto do the trick

  • Eugene

    Who will buy this, I am wondering? If I can correct the leveling in Photoshop, why bother with equipment? And with such expensive equipment, to boot…

    Also, the name “Acadalus” could use some work. It sounds like a dinosaur species!

  • Gabriele Profita

    Because bubble level is too mainstream and too cheap…
    A real pro photographer MUST spend $5,500 to level this camera.
    I wonder who will buy this useless and uber priced thing.