Clever Canon AE-1 Program Digital Mod

Ken Rockwell posted some links to photos of a Canon AE-1 Program Digital a couple days ago, and photo-enthusiasts around the web have been discussing whether or not it’s a real camera.

From the photos and videos showing the camera, it’s pretty clear that it’s fake, and that someone with a lot of time on their hands hollowed out a Canon AE-1 Program camera and lens, put in a PowerShot SD 870 IS, and got the thing working.

It’s pretty amazing that the AE-1 was modified so that all of the controls on the PowerShot are still accessible. Here’s a video posted to YouTube showing that the camera actually works:

There’s also a separate video on YouTube with a few more still photographs of the mod. Addition photographs posted by Rockwell are here, here, and here.

Anyone know how they were able to get an “AE-1 Program Digital” logo on the point-and-shoot?

(via Canon Rumors)


    Upon start up? Isn't by making an image of the logo…saving on SD, and setting it as the start up image?!

  • Isaiah

    I think the logo was just a picture they had up on review.

  • Michael Zhang

    I didn't know compacts had this “feature”

  • Michael Zhang

    Ah, that makes sense

  • borges

    Well, it's not “fake”. It's just a mod. There is a digital camera inside the Canon AE-1 (duh)

    The digital camera model is SD870 IS (IXUS 860 IS, IXY 910 IS, all the same).
    You can create custom themes from the Canon software that came with the camera. That's how the modder got the custom “AE-1 Program Digital” image at the camera startup. Or like @Isasiah said, it could be a picture on the review mode.

    I made contact with the author of this camera mod (Monge Vargas – mongedigitaltech [at], and he said the front lens is fake. It's just there to cover the SD870 lens and make the mode more “real”. But I think this was quite obvious at the first time I saw this camera.

    And the guys over must be with something wrong with their eyes… Of course, they all have over 70 years old and can't distinguish obvious things… :P

  • Name

    The logo can most likely be changed with CHDK

  • QuBe

    As shame to go to all that effort, because Canon FD glass of that era was awful…well, the lenses I had were rubbish…abysmal contrast and saturation etc.

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  • Adyfays

    he just cut it out

  • Dreamer2525

    apparently many of us phfrs have the same dream. I applaud his creativity.