Nokia Exec Predicts Rise of Cameraphones and Demise of DSLRs

Speaking on the explosive improvement of camerephone technology in Helsinki yesterday, Nokia Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki shared his vision of the future for cameraphones — a future without DSLRs.

Pointing at a professional photographer in the room, Vanjoki said, “There will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses.”

From a poll we ran on PetaPixel last week, we found that 59% of our readers didn’t believe cameraphones would replace even compact cameras. We didn’t even think to mention DSLRs, since there currently does not seem to be any answer as to how cameraphones will address their disadvantage of smaller sensors and poorer optics.

However, the idea of cameraphones replacing even the best digital cameras continues to find its way into news articles. Just last month Wired published a story titled, “Quantum Technology Promises Wedding Photos From Phone Cameras“.

Wedding photography with a cameraphone? Really?

Perhaps these quotes and articles aren’t intended to suggest that the DSLR market will be replaced by cell phones, but rather that the quality difference will be reduced to the point that those who simply bought DSLR cameras for casual photography might be satisfied with cameraphone quality.

If that’s the case, these claims might be true. Enough consumers may buy into the megapixel myth and eschew fancier cameras for the increased “megapixel power” of cameraphones. In the same speech, Vanjoki also predicted that cellphones will be capable of filming HD video within the next 12 months.

Once we see a “Last 3 Minutes” caliber film shot with a cameraphone, we’ll be believers. Until then, we’ll keep bringing our DSLR to weddings.

  • QuBe

    New headline:

    Nokia Exec with Agenda, Technology Myopia, Proves Zero Knowledge of Photography.

  • phreakhead

    The main advantage of DSLRs is the lenses. Without good glass, of course all your pictures are going to look like cameraphone pics! You just can't get the quality bokeh and depth-of-field with a little plastic lens.

    Now maybe, when the technology that allows fluid to be shaped by electrical current (… ) becomes mainstream, THEN a cameraphone could have an actual lens, with a tiny aperture and everything! Hopefully this is the “fast developing cameraphone technology” Vanjoki is hinting at!

  • Emmett Lollis Jr.

    Honestly, the comparison of a 1/8th inch lens on a cell phone to quality glass on a DSLR is the most rediculous thing I've heard in a long time.

  • dharder

    I think it depends what you're trying to do. No, DSLRs will not be replaced by cameraphones for beautiful images, one-of-a-kind and enlargements. But in terms of life moments, capturing priceless moments in a snapshot, you cannot beat the portability. I barely use my PHD camera anymore for my 5MPix cameraphone which is always with me, always in my pocket and ready to go. Cannot do that with a DSLR.

  • seriesrover

    I don't know about that dharder. What camera phones have given us is additional level of convenience, not replacement. You're right, I can take a picture anywhere at anytime, and thats great for those unscripted moments. But all the moments that I want a good shot, nice walks, birthdays, family events, trips to the coast etc, I always have my DSLR on hand and I'll always use it over my camera phone. As a consequence my size of my image library has exploded, and thats because of those additional images.

  • rhervag

    lol at the stupid exec. this is marketing bullshit for soccer moms.
    i bet he's never handled a leica or super takumar and doesn't know what bokeh means.
    visual artists will never abandon the versatility of good glass for the convenience of gadgets

  • Scott

    I wonder if the “professional photographer in the room” snapped the image of him they're using in the article. Something tells me that photo was not taken with a cell phone.

  • kevjohn

    I've always been a proponent of technology in photography. It wasn't all that long ago, not long at all, that many photogs were declaring to the high heavens that digital would never supplant film The first generation or two of DSLRs were not equal to what a film SLR could provide in terms of quality. But it wasn't too difficult (for me at least) to see that it was only a matter of time before digital sensors would equal and surpass film, as well as the cost and convenience factors. However, I don't see cameraphones, or even advanced P&S cameras, approaching DSLR quality or capabilities for a very, very long time.

    Aside from that, with Apple and HTC running the cell phone game these days, the question begging to be answered is how much longer Nokia will be around in any event! I know exactly one person who has a Nokia phone, me. And that will be replaced by an HTC Incredible in a few weeks. I hear it has a very good camera. I'll let you guys know if I ever do a photo shoot with it. ;)

  • Andrey Serbovets

    I bet noone will ever be able to do DSLR photo magic not only with cameraphones, but even with those «mirrorless DSLRs». Just because they give you a workflow and feel of different flavour. It MAY happen if «cameraphone» become the hybrid of DSLR and mobile phone… But then again, does anyone want to have a mobile phone sized like booth phone? :-D

  • robert

    i just want a phone that makes PHONE CALLS! not surf the net, take photo's or play movies on a screen so small i get a headache from trying to watch it. someone spent millions trying to get me to buy a big screen tv and now they want me to walk and drive while viewing a tiny little screen……….
    well i have a app for that, i just don't buy the product


  • mjuhl24

    Obviously this guy is not a photographer.

  • Brad Trent

    I could probably pepper my response with a litany of curse words, but I'll just call the guy a total moron and leave you to imagine the rest…

  • 12knnn

    And then cameraphones will take over the world and enslave DSLRs

  • Zarniwoopie
  • Gustaffphoto

    Obviously cellphones will replace microovens too