“The Last 3 Minutes” Showcases New Canon 5D Mark II 24p Capabilities

The Last 3 Minutes is a beautiful short film by cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, the cinematographer of Terminator Salvation. It was shot using the Canon 5D Mark II, and was sponsored by Canon to show off the latest firmware that enables 24p (frames per second) recording, giving it a “movie quality”. Filming spanned 17 locations across 4 1/2 days, and a wide assortment of Canon prime L lenses were used.

The present day portion of the film in the beginning was shot at 24p, while the flashbacks were filmed at 30p and converted to 24p in order to produce a dreamlike quality. You can read more about how the film was made on Hurlbut’s blog.

(via PDNPulse)

  • Dennis D. McDonald


  • marcellosokal

    Great history and realization.
    Congrats to all.
    Marcello Sokal.

  • Scott

    Good God.
    I'm sitting here aghast at this video, which is still playing as the credits roll.
    And I suddenly have a newer understanding of what's in that Canon 5dMKII box over there on the floor…

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  • Angelo Perera

    that was stunning

  • patlute

    what a beautiful film, absolutely fantastic and what a great camera, the 5D

  • patlute

    what a beautiful film, absolutely fantastic and what a great camera, the 5D

  • patlute

    what a beautiful film, absolutely fantastic and what a great camera, the 5D

  • Chris Leiter

    Amazing film. Loved it! The 5D MkII is truly an epic camera!

  • Chris Leiter

    Amazing film. Loved it! The 5D MkII is truly an epic camera!

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  • larryvaughn

    Could be done with lots of cameras, but still interesting.

  • Agos

    I cried… part for the film (which is really a good film), part for the rolling shutter distortion :°)

  • Name

    That is an absolute ripoff of Chris Milk's amazing, also shot on the 5d over a year ago, 'Last Daydream'.

  • barabraa

    This film looks like a wedding photographer has overstepped his limits. As for the camera it was clearly used as a special purpose tool for getting those wide angle shots. But what does the camera matter if the story is as uninspired as this?

  • Clive Litchfield

    Stunning visuals, so my camera can do that! Let's go and shoot.

  • mgabrys

    So wait – if part of it was shot at 30fps – and the firmware does 24fps – how did you get the 30fps scenes?

  • davius

    So wait, all you haters and moaners, now they've filmed the season finale of House on the 5d MkII, surely you must admit the camera has some merit. . . Maybe . . . Just a little . . . Oh the pain, go on admit it!

  • Rob

    Nikons are better.

  • Mircea Dunka

    ADIDAS are better too! :)
    There was room for better focus. Music was excelent. Like it was in Enigma – Return To Innocence. Anybody saw that video? ;)
    I loved the transitions between the scenes. And the scenes themselves… Well… I do have tears in my eyes.

    So… Thank you!
    Nice work, congratulations!

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  • Name

    3:2 pulldown?

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  • steve

    I wonder if Christian Bale likes this.

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  • TT

    The credits don't move smoothly.

    The images were nice.
    Good looking too.

    Those who don't get things like this, don't get poetry either.
    Not everything has to read like a dry A to B recipe.
    Sometimes image and sound can inspire your own mind to fill in what's not there.

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  • andrewkd

    amzing work for a DSLR. But forget that, its amazing how much can be said, without saying almost nothing….. and in only about 4 minutes.

    @ Mircea Dunka , Return to Innocence is one of the greatest story telling clips of all time, and a fantastic song. I didn't put the 2 together,. but now i saw you mention it, absolutely spot on.

    I am a Nikon fan and user, but even i must addmit that this is pretty special, great work.

  • Roy

    Those focus problems are evident and distracting. Some of the shots are beautiful. However, beautiful and unique camera shots should not be the aim. I happen to watch House, and I don't believe I will like this episode. Wish they had saved the camera stunt for something else, but I'm sure Canon paid well.

  • Valentino

    As has been said before about the focusing, etc . . . . Cine lenses will make the difference for such advanced productions. Also take note that this is in it's infancy stage and yet look what can be accomplished . . . . Any wedding photographer will immediately have more business or will have to expand the business . . .and photojournalist will have that much more at his/her disposal . . . compact still frame and video all in one, with some of the best lenses available, and filters etc . . with or without those Cine lenses. It will just get better, and I believe that Canon cameras are going in the right direction. . . they are TOPS (*insert cheesy smile here)

  • Chris


  • Daniel Kramer

    It bugs me that this amazing little piece of art is reduced to a mere tech-demo… well done.

  • Jess Stone

    Absolutely a rip off Chris Milk's was a Louis Vuitton, while this was a cheap knock off, great production design, but a knock off. Also the old toast ripple effect was driving me crazy.

  • velodoccitane

    Technically: a polished demo of the potential of using Cannon L lenses for motion.
    Thematically and aesthetically: a tasteless vat of disgusting sentimental syrup.
    Utterly ghastly. I'd be ashamed to show this nonsense.

  • jon-paul

    In my opinion 24fps has no where near enough frames and causes grind house style jutter. Obviously it depends on what effect your looking for – but surely more fps is better, isn't this a bit like adding grain and noise to make it look like film. Come on the future is realism. I want to see the directors vision, not staggering on pan shots!

  • afd

    No way! I've owned a few Nikons over the years (D60, D3000, D5000) and they are total garbage. The most over-rated and over-hyped camera brand around. Canon is the best! There's a reason why Canon is #1 in DSLR sales. Most sports shooters use Canon. Their rebel series is tops. They give you so much more bang for the buck!
    Nikon weenies, eat your jealous hearts out!

  • rickcain2320

    I wish women wouldn't say “I love you” in bed, its a real erection killer.

  • jimini cricket

    Funny you should have the name of the lenses that are crippled on the Nikon bodies you've owned.
    That's all. Nikon Canon whatever floats your boat.

  • Cristian

    Don’t turn this into another Canon-Nikon fight. This movie is all about art, not the tools used. Grow up.

  • Derrick

    It would have been nice to have seen what these critics have accomplished. This video say more in four minutes than most of the losers will say their whole lives. I doubt their days consist or much more than net surfing and reading the blogs. They’re amateurs that can’t recognize a piece of art because they’ve never created one.

  • David James

    Just a terrific and thought provoking self contained story. Beautifully shot leaving enough for the viewer to fill in the gaps with their own experiences. Great sound, acting and a poignant music track taking you through a whole raft of emotions. Excellent.

  • Crimson Hikari

    To be honest, I don’t think the transitions were that good, and the music didn’t really fit. But it is proof what DSLR video can produce. The colours look fantastic and the soft focus is really something beautiful.

  • Nikos Chatzigeorgiadis

    this is all too great! i will try the tests on my canon 60d!

  • Mohammed Alassiry

    he did not see it,
    he had to return some tapes.

  • nate opgenorth

    Simply put…Beautiful. The 5D is amazing and in fact I would venture and say you don’t need the 5D if you can’t afford it to make amazing movie with DSLR’s…My friend has a 60D and his stuff is great…I just got a 550D and I’m just shocked…I’m going to use this things features to the max before I even consider another camera…I think allot of people tend to have this idea “I gotta have this and that” in order to make stuff the 5D is stepping WAYYYY out of its league and doing a damn good job so you best bet the rest of the Canon EOS line is doing the same on a smaller scale.

  • Schumacher

    I beg to differ, the whole reason we are here is because this clip was filmed with a DSLR. I’m not knocking the clip it was well done and even more amazing that it was filmed with a Canon 5D MK II.

  • Chris

    “This is so f**king amateur!!!” -Christian Bale

  • Matt

    Why did the umpire yell in his face? Why did the transitions look like my 14 year old cousin did them on a mac?