Apple Releases Overpriced Camera Connection Kit for the iPad

Over the weekend Apple finally made the iPad Camera Connection Kit available for pre-order. The kit, which will ship “late April”, includes two connectors: a USB connector and a SD Card reader. If you use some other memory card, you’ll need to plug your existing card reader into the USB connector. So how much do these connectors cost? A mere $29 plus tax.

Any guesses as to how much it costs to manufacture these little connectors?

  • Shawn Parker

    More importantly: who photoshopped those connectors? The perspective of the actual connector pieces don't match the perspective of the bodies. #ADD

  • dougspringer

    I don't think that's too bad considering the price of the iPod USB cable. now Pocket Wizard cables, those are crazy. cables have always been a profit margin machine. don't get me started on the $200 Monster Cable HDMI ripoff…

  • Tom Fennell

    Does anybody know whether this would allow the iPad to function as either a Live-View Display or at least an external review monitor? I would assume not since there isn't going to be a 'Display Video In' function, but it sure would be nice…

  • Michael Zhang

    This will probably be available:

  • diego

    They should have put a USB drive on the damned thing!

  • Amanda

    Wonder if the one that I bought for my 2nd Gen iPod will work on it – same connections etc +cost about the same at the time ;)

  • QuBe

    That's amazing, I was just thinking about this kinda connector last night.
    Somebody will probably also come out with a 'dock connector with USB port'.
    Don't know why there isn't at least a USB port on the iPad…why exclude the most common peripheral connection in the whole computer industry? They're going to sell a bizillion of these things and apps, so it's not like they have to (do like the printer industry and) make up profits on proprietary connectors and cables.

  • JessicaLum

    I think the benefit and downside of Apple is that everything they make is all kept within the company. The consumer definitely benefits because customer service is easier, repairs are quick and simple, Apple products work well with Apple products. But that can also be a huge pain, because they monopolize their own accessories and determine what they want to offer standard or require a special adapter ($$). Apple used to include their Apple DVI to Standard DVI adapters in the box, but nowadays the new mini DVI adapters also cost $29. I recently upgraded to a current gen MacBook Pro and I have to purchase all these additional peripherals. But I suppose at the end of the day, I'm still satisfied with this machine, and in spite of a thin wallet, maybe that's all that matters.

  • rbciu

    JessicaLum, I think you just successfully outlined the definition of a “Mac Fanboy.” First, you gave a definition of the problem with making every interface of the device proprietary and more expensive. Second, you stated that you trust the company to think for you and you don't mind paying more for less functionality. Seriously?

  • JessicaLum

    Eh. I guess my sarcasm doesn't translate well at the end.
    I actually haven't bought that extra peripheral, and I'm pretty resistant to spending more money.
    I won't lie; I do appreciate Apple, but I don't think I'm extreme enough to be considered a fanboy (or girl?). Apple has plenty of its own irritating issues.

  • NDT

    Shawn, your eye is incredible, you should be an architect or a graphic designer.

  • Michael Zhang

    It's actually an optical illusion. They're simply much closer to the camera than the iPad.

    Good eye though.

  • Shawn Parker

    I actually can't wait to see if developers get API access to this device. It could open up a nice new world of photo-based apps. Maybe even some live-preview integration… #hopey #dreamy