A Look at Sony’s Upcoming Ultra Compact

Sony has been quite mum with regards to their upcoming ultra-compact camera. However, they’ve begun releasing some teasers to give us a better idea of what’s to come, including the above YouTube video and the following screenshots of the touchscreen interface:

Here’s what we know about the system so far:

It will be an interchangeable lens system boasting a DSLR quality sensor and HD video recording capability. Controlling the camera settings and features will mostly be done through a large, touchscreen LCD interface on the back. The camera will support both RAW and JPEG modes.

Now onto speculation…

Based on the concept camera shown at PMA, and the camera icon shown in the screenshots, it looks as if the camera will have a traditional point-and-shoot design, rather than the mini-DSLR design many micro four-thirds cameras are going for. Also, the camera will likely use MemoryStick memory cards (based on the MS-shaped icon in the screenshot).

Is there anything else you can deduce from the screenshots Sony released?

(via PhotographyBLOG)

  • ronin

    Considering that Sony has started accepting SD cards in their P&S cameras, I see no reason for them to go back to MemStick only. I'd be pretty shocked if they did. I've also been pretty impressed to see that the touchscreen interface in their latest TX7 is actually quite responsive and usable. A much better improvement from their earlier touchscreen models from 2 years ago.

  • D.J.

    I think that my big, clumsy hands will not like holding, let alone dealing with the touchscreen controls.

    And this is coming from a major Sony/Minolta fanboy. I just can't imagine owning one of these.