Easy Release Streamlines Model Releases

Easy Release is a new iPhone app designed to make it easy for you to secure model and property releases.

It was designed by Robert Giroux, a photographer of over 24 years who spent eight years on the staff of Getty Images, and uses the same format and legal language as the release forms used by major photo agencies.

The application replaces traditional paper based releases you would otherwise have to carry around with you by packing all of the forms and required fields inside an iPhone application. All the necessary fields are presented in a step-by-step wizard-style interface, and the signatures are entered directly into the application via the touch screen.

Once the release forms are completed, you can email a PDF or JPEG version of the form to yourself.

The app is available from the iTunes Store for $9.99.

(via PhotographyBLOG)

  • Andrew Ferguson

    It's a neat idea, but the forms don't seem to be that customizable. For example, can I have someone skip the entire 'address' section or at least part of it when dealing with a stranger on the street? Screenshots seem to indicate no.

    It's hard to tell though without actually buying the app; too bad it's overpriced.

  • easyreleaseteam


    In Easy Release, some fields are required, but others are not. When you fill in a new release, you can skip the Address screen (just click Next in the New Release Wizard). While you cannot customize the app to hide the screen altogether, we hope that tapping through a screen like that won't be too much of a hassle, even if you don't want to fill it in.

    For model releases, the only required model fields are Name and Date of Birth (and, if the model is under 18, the Parent's Name). Optional fields are ID Photo, Address, Gender, Ethnicity and Contact Info. While some of your customers may require those fields to be filled in, the application does not make that assumption for you.

    Hope you get a chance to try out Easy Release.

  • Andrew Ferguson

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I'm glad to hear stuff is skippable; I can see the request for a full address easily intimidating strangers on the streets with concerns over identity theft.

  • Name

    I wish this was on Android! I'd buy it.

  • Jeff Oliver

    Ditto android, I'd be buying straight away!

  • kevjohn

    Sorry, on a budget here. I have a stack of model release forms in my ride, and always carry a couple of them in my computer bag.

  • Name

    There is also the app mRelease… in the AppStore..
    I am not shure if any of these signed releases are valid at least in Germany.

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  • Paul W

    Photographers Contract Maker is the best and only $3!

  • Shamim cpz

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