A Spectacular Vortex Ring Collision

This amazing video clip shows the amazing collision of two vortex rings. Imagine the kind of smoke photographs you could make if you had this setup!

Anyone know how to reproduce this? Tell us in the comments!

(via Boing Boing)

On an unrelated note, did you know that the vortex ring gun is currently being developed?

  • Ranger 9

    I think you'd need to start by building something like this:

    You can find lots of plans for simpler generators by Googling “vortex ring launcher,” but most of them are for making smoke rings and probably wouldn't be repeatable enough to get the spectacularly symmetrical interaction seen in the video.

  • victormu

    they show how to build one on this video.
    building 2 shouldn't be a problem, just giving them the same amount of power might be tricky.

  • Michael Zhang

    Wow. That cannon is massive. The one in the video looks pretty small, given the scale/ruler thing at the bottom.

  • victormu

    I'm sure its possible to scale down. I'm thinking a toilet paper roll and some sort of elastic should do the trick.

  • oracleondelhi

    There is quite a bit of science involved in producing a toridial ring. Those smoke rings actually pull themselves through the air. The good news is for $40 and shipping you can do the same thing. Check out All you would need is two space blasters or go jumbo size and get Mighty Blasters for $80.
    These are a lot of fun and I have the wizard stick and the blaster at work for science education of course.

  • iDrifter

    Why did the camera move at the moment of impact?
    Reproduce? Easy; get two smokers, face each other and on the count of three.
    Pictures or it didn't happen. Of course.
    I don't smoke BTW.

  • victormu

    Lifehacker poster this one recently:

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