Google Buys Flickr’s Photo Editor, Picnik

If you’ve ever edited your Flickr photographs using the default image editor provided by Flickr, then you’ve used the web-based image editing software developed by Picnik.

Whenever you click the “Edit Photo” button above one of your photographs, it opens up the image in the Picnik editor.

Well, Picnik announced today on its blog that it has been acquired by Google. There aren’t many details available regarding the acquisition itself, but the web is abuzz now with speculation as to what Flickr will do.

Thomas Hawk suggests today’s purchase may signal that Google is trying to dethrone Flickr as image-sharing king of the web:

What else makes me think this? Google Buzz. While I consider Flickr superior in a lot of ways to Picasa today, the biggest advantage that Flickr has always held over their competitors is how strong a grip they’ve had on the social aspect of photo sharing. But now that Buzz has arrived on the scene (and your Buzz photos go into Picasa albums by default by the way), it would appear that Google finally has a viable social network to compete with Flickr’s own internal social network inside of Flickr. By combining the social power of buzz, with an enhanced version of Picasa, Google could mount a formidable competing offering to Yahoo’s Flickr.

It’s interesting that Flickr let Picnik slip into Google’s hands after partnering with them for so long.

What do you think today’s news means for Google’s Picasa and for Yahoo’s Flickr?

  • supercujo

    I would like to see Picasa get a massive update to both its functionality and interface.

  • Brent

    Google buys Picnik? What happens to the $25 I just paid for a Picnik Pro acct?

  • Pedro

    Picasa's interface sucks. It's not going to replace Flickr anytime soon.

  • brendunn

    I'll be staying with Flickr. I've never had a serious problem with it, unlike Picasa. I have never used Picnik but resent the takeover by Google who should stick with their core web search and mail services and stop trying to be “all things to all people”. Just an opinion.

  • Yautja_halfbreed

    Well I can tell you this, Google+ will never be any good.  As for Google buying Picnix to put with their Google + that is a joke.  A lot of people used Picnix for their small  Buisnesses and just for fun.  Now they don’t have anything.  I have never liked Google and taking over Picnix without even asking the members makes me now hate it even more.  Sorry to say it, but I hope Google fails, and folds up and blows away

  • Soundboy

    Flickr gave up on Picnik a couple of years ago. Its replacement was horrible. Had to go an external photo editor, Picmonkey, in this case, to get similar functions as Picnik. As with its recent format change, Flickr obviously has no idea what it is doing.