Welcome Jessica Lum, Our New Co-Editor

portrait-jessIf you’ve been following PetaPixel since the blog was born back in May, you’ve probably noticed that the posting frequency has slowed down a bit during the past month or two as my graduate school coursework and research have picked up.

Today, I’m happy to announce that PetaPixel has a new co-editor to help share the load. Jessica Lum is a photojournalist, writer, and editor who has worked for the UCLA Daily Bruin and Los Angeles Metromix.

She graduated from UCLA with a degree in English and Geography/Environmental Science, and has shot assignments ranging from UCLA Bruin football games to a documentary project on HIV/AIDS in Thailand.

Jessica definitely shares my passion for photography, and I personally can’t wait to see her posts here on PetaPixel. Welcome!

As a side note, I’m going to be discontinuing the Links of the Day posts that we’ve been posting every morning on weekdays. We’re still going to be collecting and publishing the same awesome links, but they’ll simply be limited to our Twitter and Delicious accounts. If you enjoy the links we’ve been posting, then I encourage you to follow us on those services!

Update: The links of the day will also continue to appear in the right hand column of the blog as well.

  • 6ft5

    Welcome Jessica!

  • Vincent McArth


  • joakimbergquist

    Wonderfull! Welcome Jessica… I hope PP will keep new updates up to date :)

  • S Grossman

    Oh, I'll be sad to see the Links of the Day go :( Could you maybe post links to where the links are posted as well? The links you post are one of my favorite aspects of the blog, and I don't use either of those other services…

  • Michael Zhang

    The Links of the Day will still appear every day in the bookmarks section of the sidebar to the right. This will still be updated daily. It's just that the links won't be posted as an actual post in the main left column. :-)

  • Laurent DUBOIS

    Welcome to Jessica too ! Can't wait for the future posts !

  • Laurent DUBOIS

    Welcome to Jessica too ! Can't wait for the future posts !

  • ALi