Just Hit Another Milestone

Was looking at PetaPixel’s Feedburner statistics last night and noticed that we just hit 1337 subscribers! Behold:


Thanks to everyone who helped us get to this point!

Sorry for the sudden onslaught of nerd jokes. Here’s the other one that we just tweeted.

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  • adolfo.trinca


  • Eugene

    Haha, I love the nerdy jokes! Keep them coming please!

  • Jacob Wighton

    That's totally…

    Actually, maybe I'll keep my nerdiness to myself. Sorry.

  • tf5_bassist

    aahahaha… priceless.

    Also, the RAID link was hilarious. :D

  • faisal

    haha! such a geek you are! :P

  • faisal

    haha! such a geek you are! :P