How to Shoot ‘Water Hat’ Portraits On the Cheap

The temperatures have been soaring lately. Depending on where you live, you might’ve even seen record heat over the last couple of weeks. Normally, such weather makes staying indoors (so long as you have air conditioning) sound ideal. However, in this article, we’re going to share a fun, creative photography idea (inspired by Tim Tadder) that’s perfect for getting outside on hot, sunny days.

18 Frequently Asked Questions About the Business of Photography

Tim Tadder is a wildly successful commercial photographer in a time when the term "wildly successful photographer" sounds like an oxymoron. So RGG EDU went to Tim's house and asked him 18 questions about the photo industry, which Tim answered while playing some leisurely putt putt in his backyard.

Big Lights Under the Big-Top: BTS Video of Complex Trapeze Shoot

This behind the scenes video takes a look at a unique advertisement shoot by photographer Tim Tadder. The shoot takes place in a circus big-top and in the video Tadder demonstrates how to handle an incredibly complex shoot that involves a handful of trapeze artists and 15 various lights mounted 42 feet in the air.