4 Reasons Not to Switch Camera Systems

Do you want to switch from Canon to Sony? From Sony to Nikon? From Nikon to Panasonic? From Panasonic to Fujifilm? Well, I’m going to ask you to stop, take a deep breath, and consider doing the most boring thing: absolutely nothing. Instead of switching camera brands, you should probably stick with what you have.

3 Questions to Ask Before Switching Camera Brands

It’s been an active few weeks in the world of new camera announcements. Between Nikon, Canon, and Fuji, there’s a slew of state-of-the-art camera choices available to entice photographers to switch brands. As I dug into the details associated with such an important decision, I set out to determine the most responsible way of identifying if making a brand change made sense for me.

A Guide to Switching from Nikon to Sony for Wedding Photography

After almost a decade of photographing weddings with Nikon cameras, we decided to trade our D750 cameras for the Sony a7 III. Here are a few thoughts on how the process went and why we feel it was the right decision.

Photos of People Switching Places

Look at the above photos. Now look again. The photos are now diamonds! Notice anything? When I saw these photos the first time, it actually took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. I think it was a case of change blindness. Switcheroo is a fun project by Hana Pesut in which she has two people take two photos where they switch places while everything else remains the same -- including the clothes!