NFTs Explained on SNL with an Eminem Rap Parody

Non-fungible tokens in cryptocurrency have made a splash in the art world in recent days. If you're out of the loop and don't have time to read an in-depth explainer on what NFTs are, check out this humorous 3.5-minute Eminem rap parody by Saturday Night Live that will bring you up to speed (maybe).

Go Behind the Scenes of SNL’s Photo Department with Mary Ellen Matthews

When you think of Saturday Night Live, you probably don't think of photography... but you should. The show takes its photography very seriously—it all-but-coined an iconic style of portraiture—and this video takes us behind the scenes of the SNL Photo Department with photographer Mary Ellen Matthews.

How We Did It: The SNL Title Sequence

…And we’re back! After a much-needed summer hiatus, it’s that time of the year again when my comrades in the SNL Film Unit all reconvene on the 17th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza for another season of filmmaking speed-drills.

Comedian’s One Second Per Day Video of the Year He Became an SNL Cast Member

We've shared some pretty good one second of video per day for a year videos in the past -- there was even an app developed for this purpose at some point -- but comedian Brooks Wheelan's video is unique... simply because he had one HECK of a year.

Wheelan began the year as a stand up comedian with an engineering job, and ended it as a cast member for Saturday Night Live.

SNL Photographer Mary Ellen Matthews Talks Taking Pics of Celebrity Hosts

You know those sometimes stylish, sometimes dramatic, and often funny pictures of the celebrity hosts that come up every time Saturday Night Live takes or comes back from a commercial break? Well, ever since 1999, it's photographer Mary Ellen Matthews who has been in charge of putting those together each week. And in this short video, Plum TV catches up with Matthews to ask her about her daily life at SNL.