Interview with Haje Jan Kamps of Triggertrap

Editor's note: This is the second interview we've done with Haje. The first was back in 2010 regarding his blog Photocritic.org

Haje Jan Kamps is the entrepreneur behind the Triggertrap and the blogger behind Photocritic.org.

PetaPixel: Can you tell quickly describe the Triggertrap for people who haven't heard of it yet?

Haje Jan Kamps: Triggertrap is an universal camera trigger. It's "universal", because it's designed to connect just about any trigger source to nearly any camera. Right now, we're supporting more than a hundred camera models, but we're adding new cameras to our Supported Cameras list all the time.

The device has a sound and light sensor built in, and it can do linear and non-linear time-lapses. I'm most excited about the auxiliary port, though, which enables users to connect nearly anything they want to the device. One reader suggested connecting it to the final buzzer they use at basketball games, to take a photo of the state of play just when the buzzer sounds -- what a great idea!

Triggertrap Lets You Trigger Your Camera with Anything You Can Think Of

We have a bit of a scoop for you today: there's going to be a new Kickstarter-funded gadget announced on Thursday called the Triggertrap. It's a pretty nifty universal camera trigger that can trigger your camera's shutter with anything you can think of using a built-in intervalometer, a laser trigger, a sound sensor, and an Aux input that you can connect custom triggers to:

Think about it: You press your car horn, it takes a photo. Your phone rings, it takes a photo. The sun rises, it takes a photo. Anything is possible - and that's why this camera trigger is so eminently hackable and exciting to experimental photographers all over the world!

There's also a private sneak-peek of the Kickstarter video over on Vimeo. The password is TriggerTrap123.

Interview with Haje Jan Kamps of Photocritic.org

Haje Jan Kamps is the blogger behind Photocritic.org

PP: Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

HJK: Sure thing. I was born in the Netherlands, and moved to Norway when I was about 5 or so. I started taking photos when I was about 14, but the art of photography didn't really click with me until I got my paws on my first digital camera - a Casio SX-2000, I think it was.

When I was doing research into my first digital camera, I was apalked by how little info there was about them in Norwegian - and decided to rectify that by starting a website. Not long after, it was bought off me, and it changed name to digitalkamera.no - now akam.no. It was sn exciting time to be writing about digital photography, and I guess I was writing about photography as much as I was taking photos, right from the start.