A Photo Project Blueprint: 21 Questions to Ask Before Starting

It would be safe to say that the gap between the number of interesting project ideas I've had compared to the number of photo projects I've produced is a wide one. In order to hold myself accountable in executing some of my project ideas, I've created a blueprint that helps me get past ideation and into producing new content.

Photographing the Fake Holy Men of Varanasi, India

"Where should we go?" Melissa, my girlfriend, was trying to narrow down what seemed like a mountain of possibilities-places that were worthy of exploration. After a month of repeating that same question a million times, we finally settled on India.

7 Ways to Make Your Photos More Interesting

When I first started taking photos, I knew the importance of finding what "good" really looked like. I knew that there were a million people out there that claimed to be more successful than they were, and that my taste wasn't refined enough and that I wasn't experienced enough to know the difference between them and those that were truly great.

5 Steps to Land a Collaboration with an Instagram Influencer

In this article, I’m going to be breaking down very tactical and easy steps to help you land more collaborations with Instagram influencers. If you follow this guide, using the framework and template that I've provided, you will find success.

Why Exercise Makes You a Better Photographer

I was nervous and excited. I had just left my 9 to 5 cubicle career and jumped head-first into full-time photography. Over the next 2 months, I would be traveling all over the world with a friend in order to build my portfolio. At this point, though, my sedentary lifestyle had caught up to me and I was about 25lbs overweight.