Photographing Ain Dubai, the World’s Biggest Ferris Wheel

Dubai, the city that is always present when you need urban and architectural wonders. The tallest building in the world, man-made islands with the shape of a palm, a stunning museum dedicated for the future. And now, the largest ferries wheel in the world: Ain Dubai, which means Dubai Eye in Arabic.

How I Captured a Day-to-Night Composite on Expired Film

After my recent success at mixing vintage Verichrome Pan film with Kodak Instamatic film, I wanted to try this splitfilm trick again. And I wanted to create something that was a “day versus night” exposure, using the lights of an amusement park or the midway of a county fair to build my image.

Someone Crashed Their Camera Drone Into the Giant Ferris Wheel in Seattle

Here's another story that illustrates why the US government is racing to create a national drone registry that attaches each drone to a name: on Wednesday, someone apparently tried to fly their DJI Phantom drone through the Seattle Great Wheel and failed, causing the drone to plummet to the ground and smash a basketball-sized hole in a plastic dining table.