Aerial Photos of Greenhouses at Night

Award-winning German photographer Tom Hegen recently took to the skies above The Netherlands at night and capturing striking photos of massive greenhouses illuminated in the landscapes below. The newly-published work is titled "The Greenhouse Series."

Inexpensive ‘Infragram’ Camera Lets You Take a Peek at Photosynthesis

Public Lab, also known as the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science, is all about creating affordable, DIY versions of expensive scientific equipment. In the past, we covered Public Lab's work creating a balloon mapping toolkit that allowed anyone and everyone to take and add user-created weather balloon imagery to Google Earth's repertoire.

For their most recent project, they're bringing things a little closer to the ground. This time, the folks at Public Lab are photographing the secret internal life of plants using an extremely affordable near-infrared camera they've designed.

Chrysler’s Ram Super Bowl Commercial Composed Entirely of Photos

One of standout commercials during the Super Bowl yesterday was the above ad by Chrysler promoting its Ram line of trucks. The 2-minute ad pays tribute to farmers across the nation, and is composed entirely of photographs showing various facets of the farming industry.

In the background is a famous speech given by radio broadcaster Paul Harvey during the 1978 Future Farmers of America convention, titled "So God Made a Farmer."