Google Explains Why the Pixel Doesn’t Have Optical Image Stabilization

When Google announced its Pixel smartphone last week and boasted about its "best smartphone camera ever," there was one notable thing it lacked compared to the iPhone: optical image stabilization. Instead of physically stabilizing shots, the Pixel uses readings from the phone's built-in gyroscope to compensate for shake.

Canon EIS Mirrorless System Rumors Floating Around

There's a very improbable rumor floating around about a new Canon EIS (Electro Imaging System) mirrorless system that will be announced in mid-2011. The rumor was first posted to a couple Chinese forums, xitek and 520dc. EOSHD then created the above graphic with a fake logo and non-EVIL camera design.

So what's in the rumor? The new Canon EIS 60 mirrorless camera will supposedly have a sensor nearly identical in size to the Micro Four Thirds system that captures 22 megapixels. Continuous shooting goes up to a whopping 20 frames per second at 5.5 megapixels. HD video recording is included, and ISO is expandable up to 25,600.