Student Hacks His Film Camera to Capture Circular Photos

Student and photographer Imran Nuri was driving alone one day when he started to think about photography and its shape. He asked himself "why are photos rectangular?" The answer might be obvious, but it also got him thinking about what it would be like to capture circular photos instead.

Seeing in Circles: How to Compose a Circular Photograph

When was the last time you saw a round photo? It's probably been a while. The world is ruled by squares and rectangles. It's almost as if there's no place for circles, but I have come round to thinking that maybe those ancient mathematicians were onto something when they got all excited by circles, maybe you can have your pi and eat it too.

Understanding Basic Aesthetics in Photography

Recently I got a message from a person who said that they liked my pictures, but unfortunately they don’t have a "photographic eye." This inspired me to write the following article about basic aesthetics and their relationship to photography.