Will AI Editing Ruin Photography? And What Is The Solution?

I recently watched a video on YouTube by the very popular landscape photographer Thomas Heaton. The video was titled "AI editing will ruin photography as we know it" where Thomas discusses a new photo editing program soon to be released by Skylum: Luminar AI.

The Best Photo I’ve Ever Taken Was a JPEG

Alright, I don’t know if it’s the best photo I’ve ever taken, but it’s one of my favorites and it’s been the most popular photo I’ve posted recently on Facebook and Instagram.

Before Traveling the Globe, ‘See the World’ in Your Own Backyard

We've all heard of some of the world's greatest and most spectacular places. Places like Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Machu Picchu. Many of us dream of going to far away places such as Iceland, Santorini, Dubai, The Maldives, but for many of us, it is just that -- a dream! Something we have to save long and hard for. Something we are lucky to do just once a year.

One Thing That Will Make You the Best Photographer

No, this is not a con, or a trick, or just simply an attention grabbing headline on an article that reveals absolutely nothing on what it promised! There really is one thing that will make you the best. And the really great thing about it is that it is really simple -- it doesn't require loads of money and can be applied by everyone.

I won’t drag it on or build it up anymore, as you probably already know what it is: it's practice!