The Best Free Online Tools to Manage Your Photography Business

It is all too easy to fall into a trap of signing up for an ever-increasing number of photography and business tools that entice you with the promise of better organization and communication but lay on costly monthly subscriptions. Shed that overhead and consider these free alternatives instead.

Why Your Photography Business Is Failing

The biggest and most common mistake I see in photographers in all genres is that they aren’t honest with themselves. They love the idea of being a photographer -- the romantic side of it all. Sounds cool, right? But they hate the work part, the hustle, the grind, the guts of what it takes to run any successful small business.

10 Positive Ways to Handle Rejection as a Photographer

If you can't handle rejection, you will never make it as a creative professional. It's as simple as that. Rejection is part and parcel of a career in photography, so here are 10 healthy, positive ways to deal with rejection as a photographer.

Not Marketing Will Devastate Your Photography Business

I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival last week for the first time. I have heard for years what a great event it is but never could get my schedule to work so that I could participate. Well, this year worked out and I was so happy that it did.

Hourly Rates: The Photographers Path to Poverty

You open the box and there it is; a new digital camera. You’ve wanted to be a professional photographer for a long time and now is your time. This camera is the symbol of your next step.

5 Business Mistakes Photographers Make and What You Can Do About Them

Why do some professional photographers fail to make it in business?

If you can’t cut it technically or artistically as a photographer, then clearly your photography business will have a very limited lifespan. But there are other ways in which you can take your eyes off the ball when turning pro. Here are some classic examples of failure that are easy to avoid when you know how...

Social Media Tips from Pro Adventure Photographer Lucas Gilman

It isn’t the over 14,000 followers on Instagram or 9,000 on Twitter that made adventure photographer Lucas Gilman a finalist in the 2010 and 2013 Red Bull Illume competition (that was all his own talent), but his social media presence has helped keep him top of mind with clients and landed him a few jobs along the way.