These Photo Billboards Align Perfectly with the Landscapes They Block

If you take a drive down the Gene Autry Trail in California sometime before April 30th, you'll run into an unusual set of billboards. Rather than ads, you're greeted by a landscape photograph that, for a fleeting moment as you drive by, will blend perfectly into the mountains in the distance.

Canon’s New Billboards Provide Real Time Photo Tips

Canon's latest billboard ad campaign in New York City does more than promote the camera brand: they can actually help you shoot better photos. Each of the fixed and mobile truck billboards is updated in real time with useful photo tips you can use on the spot.

Photos of Giant Billboard People Looming Over Pedestrians in New York City

When Israeli photographer Natan Dvir visited New York City in 2008, he was taken aback by the massive advertising billboards dominating commercial hubs and the fact that giant models on them loomed over the pedestrians walking by. Dvir began documenting these billboards and the juxtaposition of huge fake humans and tiny real humans through his project titled "Coming Soon."