This AI Video Generator is Free to Use With No Waiting List

As the technology world waits with bated breath for AI videos to proliferate and begin to undermine everything we see online, a free AI video generator has just dropped.

Luma AI has released its AI video generator, Dream Machine, which users can immediately sign up for and start making videos from either a text prompt or a still image.

PetaPixel was able to generate a five-second clip of a wildlife photographer documenting animals in Africa. While far from perfect — it made a two-headed zebra — it is a harbinger of coming technology plus generative AI tools need plenty of tweaking to get right.

Far more impressive are online clips showing various memes and pop culture moments being brought to life.

Meanwhile, The Byte reports on a Pixar-style animation clip set in ancient Egyptian times that has impressed. The video was made by director and photographer Ellenor Argyropoulo who says she made the video from a still image she created herself.

Who is Luma AI?

According to Mashable, Luma AI is an artificial intelligence startup based in San Francisco which has previously released a 3D model generator called Genie.

The company has decided to launch Dream Machine as a free model for anyone to use and has plans to release an API in the future. OpenAI’s Sora, which is still yet to be released, will likely be paywalled.

To test out Dream Machine, users must sign in with a Google account and Luma AI is only allowing users to have 10 free video generations per day.

Last week, PetaPixel reported on an AI video generator from China called Kling that is showing good results but is only accessible in China and via a waiting list.

Image credits: Feature image by Next on Now.