Dashcam Captures Nebraska Tornado Leveling Large Building

In a shocking dashcam video, footage shows a tornado’s path of destruction.

The dashcam video shows a tornado that swept through Lincoln, Nebraska on April 26.

The two-and-a-half-minute video posted to YouTube by user Tri Tran 70 begins with a low rumble. Many cars are seen parked in front of a building. The winds of an approaching tornado become more apparent until parts of the building begin flying off. The structure is torn to pieces, slowly diminishing piece by piece. The tornado, which reached an EF Rating of 3 (which represents those with minds between 136 and 165 mph), passes directly in front of the car with the mounted dashcam, providing a direct view of the chaos.

The building, owned by Garner Industries, collapsed and had 70 workers inside at the time, local news station KOLN reported. Thankfully, no one was killed. “Three people were injured and taken to area hospitals but are expected to be okay,” the report continued.

In addition to the building’s complete destruction within seconds, parked cars are knocked into each other, now standing completely off-kilter. One car’s license plate swings about in the wind. Shouts can be heard toward the end of the footage after the worst of the storm has passed.

It appears the tornado in the dash camera footage is the same one seen in a video taken by a train conductor. In that video, the storm moves directly over the train, inside which the video was taken. The windows of the train are damaged and cars derailed.

Another video, this one captured by a storm chaser, depicts a tornado stretching into the clouds. Debris swirls through the skies before the storm chasers record the damage seen in the aftermath.

The cyclone was part of a tornado outbreak across Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Nebraska. This outbreak encompassed a total track length of more than 200 miles, with tornadoes on the ground for over six hours.

“Several significant, long-tracked tornadoes damaged or destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of homes and businesses across the region,” according to the National Weather Service.

The tornado outbreak has taken at least five lives, according to reporting by CNN.

Image credits: Tri Tran 70