This App Lets You Upload Your UFO Photos

A person stands in a garden at night, facing a large ufo emitting a beam of light. the scene is illuminated by string lights among lush greenery.

The truth, as they say, is out there. And one app is hellbent on getting to the bottom of UFOs by allowing users to upload their photos of unexplained aircraft.

Enigma Labs is a platform that wants to “advance progress on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) using cutting-edge technology and social intelligence.”

The company’s team has a “low profile” with the CEO also something of an unidentified object as she is only known as “A”, citing privacy and harassment concerns.

The ambitious project wants to chart UAP encounters from all over the world or become the Wikipedia of UFO sightings, as Vice puts it.

It’s Not Looking for Little Green Men

Thanks to years of Steven Spielberg movies, UFOs are often conflated with alien life forms. But UFOs are often easily explainable: strange whirlpools in the sky are known to come from SpaceX rockets and natural phenomena, such as bizarre clouds, can also be confused for something otherworldly.

By allowing users to report UAPs via their phone or web portal, Enigma Labs hopes that it will be easier to dismiss nonsense sightings and focus on footage that may be of interest to researchers.

UFOs have been thrust into the limelight in recent years with NASA setting up a team to better understand sightings as well as a congressional hearing on the matter.

In an interview with The New Yorker earlier this year, Enigma Labs CEO “A” likens the app to “Shazam for the skies.”

A is keen to play down the little green men narrative, insisting that the app is just like any other from Silicon Valley that is merely attempting to fix a problem.

How Does it Work?

Users can upload their footage while describing what they saw and giving details about the time, location, duration, et cetera. There is a camera feature that records uncompressed video and embeds metadata for a fuller description of the encounter.

Users are greeted with photos and videos of well-known aerial phenomena that are commonly mistaken for UFOs such as satellites, drones, lanterns, and flares.

To upload a photo of a UAP, head to the Enigma Labs website where you can download the app.