Depositphotos Launches ‘Commercially Safe’ AI Image Generator

Two photographers in a park during autumn, smiling and holding cameras. the woman on the left has long hair and holds a large camera, and the man on the right, with stubble, holds a smaller camera.
AI-generated photographers from Depositphotos’s new AI image generator.

Stock photo website Depositphotos has launched an AI image generator which it says is commercially safe to use.

The new tool has been soft launched but Depositphotos customers who have active plans are able to use the tool today.

The text-to-image model has been made in partnership with, a company that has previously stated it takes a “responsible” approach to copyright and generative AI.

Users of Depositphotos’ new tool will be provided with a standard license for both digital and print usage across various platforms including advertising, marketing, UI designs, product packaging, newspapers, magazines, book design, and more.

The AI creations will be kept exclusive to customers and the company assures that generated AI images won’t be added to Deposit’s library which already has over 300 million images, videos, and music files.

The company is promising legal safety and ensures that no copyrighted logos, objects, or “any other elements that could pose a risk in commercial settings are included.”

The AI images will be generated in a square aspect ratio in high resolution of 2,048 by 2,048 pixels, which it says is “suitable for a wide range of applications.”

Deposit also promises “unique and standout” visuals that were “once only possible with advanced graphic design skills.”

PetaPixel prompted the new AI image generator with, “a photographer smiling at the camera,” and got four reasonable AI images of happy photographers.

Four photographers smiling in an autumn park. top left: man with dark hair and beard, holding a camera. top right: same man sitting on leaves. bottom left: woman with long hair holding a camera. bottom right: same man with a different shirt and camera.

“In collaboration with, known for its unmatched AI expertise, we have developed a tool distinguished by its innovation, legal safety, and user-friendly interface—it embodies our vision for the future of creative content. Designed to satisfy contemporary demands and address business challenges, the AI Generator unlocks boundless creative potential, offering unique, high-quality visuals now available for both personal and commercial use“, says Alina Volchek, General Manager at Depositphotos.

Depositphotos follows other photo marketplaces like Freepik, Shutterstock, and Getty Images which have also made AI image generators available on their platforms.

Quite how many people use these AI image generators is unknown; DALL-E and Midjourney remain the market leaders but with both companies facing copyright wranglings that are being taken to court, stock photo websites might be well positioned if OpenAI’s and Midjourney’s court case goes against them.

Disclosure: PetaPixel licenses photos from Depositphotos.