Sirui Expands ‘Night Walker’ Series With 16mm and 75mm Cine Lenses

Expanding on the success of its Night Walker APS-C and Super35 cinema style series launch, Sirui has announced two new T1.2 S35 cine lenses through Indiegogo: The wide angle T1.2 16mm and telephoto T1.2 75mm.

According to the company, the two new cine lenses will be available in Sony E, Canon RF, Fuji X, Micro Four Thirds, and L-Mount versions to further compliment the existing lineup, making the Night Walker Lens Kit even more comprehensive and versatile too for studios, filmmakers, and content creators. The new lenses will share similar physical sizes (and T1.2 aperture) with the rest of the lenses in the lineup (24mm, 35mm, and 55mm), offering users a consistent look, character, and sharpness across the entire family of lenses.

The new 16mm lens features 14 elements across five groups, including extra-low dispersion (ED) elements. It includes 13 aperture blades, promising strong out-of-focus area performance. The 75mm prime has 13 elements in four groups and a whopping 18 aperture blades.

Sirui promises strong optical performance, including high-quality sharpness, minimal focus breathing, and a strictly controlled aberration. Since the new additions use the same body design as the existing Night Walker lenses, they also share a 67mm filter thread making it easy to swap accessories between the lenses, but these new lenses are slightly heavier coming in at about 592 grams (for the L-Mount).

Like the previous lenses, these are manual focus primes, which are relatively common in the cinema lens universe.

The company says the additional lenses were designed to be easy to handle and usable for any shooting scenario, including working in exceptionally low light, taking advantage of the T1.2 aperture, and having a minimum focus distance of 0.3 meters.

“The new 16mm lens (equivalent to a 24mm lens) is a super wide-angle option that allows users to capture breathtaking images with a vast field of view. Whether you’re shooting a starry sky, vast landscapes, or tight indoor spaces, this lens will deliver stunning results,” Sirui promises. “Complementing the 16mm lens is the new 75mm telephoto lens, (Equivalent to a 113mm lens), it’s perfect for capturing portraits, emotions, and other details with precision. The shallow depth of field and fast aperture produce clear subjects and creamy bokeh, adding a dreamy and artistic touch to your footage.”

The new Sirui 16mm and 75mm T/1.2 cine lenses are available for “Super early bird pricing” (about 15% off) on Indiegogo starting at $339 each.

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Image credits: Photographs by Sirui