You Can Now Edit Images on DALL-E in ChatGPT: Here’s How

AI image of photographer
I changed this AI-generated photographer’s lens from a wide to a telephoto. | DALL-E 3

OpenAI has rolled out a new function for DALL-E 3: Allowing users to edit the images they create on the AI image generator.

The “select” tool works like an inpatining tool, letting users highlight a specific area they want to change and then describe the alteration they would like to see via a text prompt.

DALL-E 3 is only available for paying ChatGPT customers and the new tool can only be accessed by people and businesses that pay for OpenAI’s service.

How Can You Edit an AI Image on DALL-E?

With ChatGPT open, navigate to the DALL-E GPT and type in a prompt describing the picture you want to see.

AI image of photographer
Prompt: “A fearless female photographer operating in the field, widescreen aspect ratio.”

Then, click on the “select” tool on the top right-hand side of the image and much like the Spot Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop, you just highlight the area you want to affect.

AI image of photographer
I decided to change the photographer’s camera.

Once highlighted, a prompt box appears in the bottom right-hand side of the image which you can use to type in the change you want to see.

AI image of photographer
I asked to “Replace camera with a vintage 35MM SLR film camera.”

And voila, my AI-generated photographer now has a far cooler camera. In another image, I changed the lens.

Same prompt as above.
AI photographer
I asked to “Replace lens with a 400mm telephoto lens.”

DALL-E Will Help You With Inspiration Too

For those overwhelmed by a blank canvas, OpenAI has tried to help by adding style prompts such as “fairy tale”, “motion blur”, “baroque”, “close up”, and many others.

AI image of ant
I took the close up prompt and asked for an ant. Inspired by Joshua Coogler’s work.

The image editing tools are available now on DALL-E 3 which is exclusively accessible through a paid version of ChatGPT.

Image credits:DALL-E