Bride is Furious After Photographer Fakes Shooting Wedding on Film

Angry bride

A photographer has taken to the “AITA” Reddit group to share his amusing story about being pressured into shooting a wedding on film — which he decided to fake.

The U.K. lensman reveals in the post that he is a dental nurse and has never even done a paid photo job before but found himself shooting a wedding on film after the bride coerced him into doing it.

“About three weeks before the wedding, the bride called me crying saying she didn’t have a photographer because she couldn’t find anyone who would shoot the wedding in film (her preference) for less than a couple of grand,” the photographer writes on Reddit.

He explains that the bride, who is a friend of his, wanted “several hundred photos from the day” which is a huge effort and cost when shooting on celluloid.

The photographer attempted to offer the bride solutions but she wanted him to take the photos knowing he had a background in photography.

“I was initially hesitant, as I say I am not a professional photographer, but she really pressured me into it (basically implying that her wedding would be ruined if I didn’t) so I agreed.”

The photographer accepted an eye-wateringly small amount of $320 (£250) to do the job but says he knew he didn’t have the skills to pull it off and it would be far too expensive anyway. But he had a cunning plan.

“On the day, I took hundreds of photos digitally and edited them in Photoshop to look like film,” he says.

“Honestly, she was thrilled with them and didn’t even realize they weren’t [shot on] real film.”

Almost Got Away With It

Despite initially being pleased with her “film” photos, the bride caught wind of what the photographer had done and apparently called him to tell him that he had ruined her wedding.

“And that I betrayed her trust,” he adds. “Her and her husband are both furious at me and telling me I’m selfish.

“She said she asked for one thing from me and I couldn’t even do that. Other friends are weighing in saying it was a shady thing to do and one even said that I could forget about any future work because no one would hire me after this (I am NOT a photographer)”

The photographer received plenty of sympathy from the Reddit community but others criticized him for not being able to say “no” to the bride.

When asked if the bride wanted the negatives, the photographer replied: “She didn’t want the negatives!! I don’t think she even knows about negatives she just likes the film ‘vibe’.”

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.