Business is Booming for Parisian Proposal Photographers

Paris engagement

Proposals are up and photographers are cashing in as American tourists flock to Paris, France to pop the question.

There has been a surge of romantic visitors to the City of Love since the pandemic ended with one firm that caters to engagement photography telling PetaPixel that interest keeps growing.

“Proposals are indeed more and more popular for the last two to three years now, especially since the end of Covid,” says Charlie, team manager at The Parisian Photographers.

“I think it has to do with a ‘travel revenge’ effect after Covid, mixed with an increased exposure of Paris on social media.

“Paris is always being represented as the capital of love, it may seem like a natural place to declare your love, and it is becoming as natural now to get engaged here.”

Charlie says that the team of photographers is covering “about 200 proposals” per year which is double the pre-Covid numbers.

A recent study conducted by The Knot, a wedding website, found that the number of Americans proposing abroad is higher than ever before.

CNN spoke with 33-year-old Rodrigo Mendoza who proposed to his girlfriend Ciera Rojas in Paris in June 2023.

“Before the pandemic, that was my first time visiting Paris,” Mendoza tells CNN. “For me, it was an extraordinary city, super romantic … and I said, ‘OK, when I find the chosen one, the right person, I’m going to propose here in Paris.’”

“Everything in Paris just felt so magical,” adds Rojas. “I can honestly say that I had a dream proposal. Everything was perfect.”

Part of the appeal may have something to do with television, the Netflix show Emily in Paris has inspired many tourists to travel to the French capital with views of the Eiffel Tower along the River Seine making for perfect shots.

There are many who will balk at the thought of a public proposal in front of a crowd of gawking onlookers, but there are others who relish it.

Florence Mailochon, a sociologist at France’s National Centre for Scientific Research specializing in couples and families, adds the concept of a public proposal is “an invention which without a doubt originated in the United States or the United Kingdom.”

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.