Samsung S24 Update Improves Zoom, Portrait Mode, and Nightography

Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Just a couple of weeks after the S24 series of smartphones shipped, Samsung has announced that it will be updating them with what it calls “enhanced options” including the promise of better photography.

The update is characterized as one driven by feedback from those who picked up one of the new smartphones early.

“Based on your feedback, through an upcoming update, we aim to provide enhanced options and experiences across device display and camera, enabled by advanced hardware and software integration efforts,” Samsung says.

For photographers, Samsung says it has “optimized” key camera functions, including making enhancements across the entire “camera experience” but namely with upgrades to the S24 series’ functions, Portrait Mode, Nightography, rear camera video shooting capabilities, “and more.”

PetaPixel reached out to Samsung for comment on what specifically it had changed and what “more” was updated, but the company did not respond. It is possible that more details on what exactly these upgrades will contain will be made clear closer to the availability of the update.

Samsung will also be updating the display on the S24 series smartphones.

“Galaxy users have varying preferences when it comes to their mobile device display. That’s why we tuned the Galaxy S24 series’ display for a more natural and customizable viewing experience. By adjusting the ‘Vividness’ option under display ‘Advanced settings’, you can now enjoy a more vibrant display,” the company says.

Samsung Vivid option
How Samsung’s “Vividness” option will look.

Based on the single example Samsung included with its update, the feature doesn’t appear to make the display brighter (or unlock a higher peak brightness for a wider range of use cases), but rather ramps up the strength of colors.

While the company wasn’t specific, Samsung seemed to hint that it would be expanding its Live Translate feature in this update as well, which is expected given that it only works with a select few languages at launch.

Of note, Samsung does once again clarify that it doesn’t intend to keep its AI features free forever — or it at least reserves the right to revisit the discussion down the road.

“Galaxy AI features by Samsung will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices,” the company writes in a footnote.

These updates will begin rolling out sometime this month, but an exact timeline was not shared.

Image credits: Samsung